Monday, September 23, 2019

Antique and Vintage Doorbells

Are You Know About Antique and Vantage ?

 In simple words we can say Vintage refers to something that is from an earlier generation but Antique refers to something that is over 100 years old.
Here is the general rule to remember:  Something antique is also vintage, but something vintage isn't necessarily antique.
When you see the word antique, you know you're not going to hear about anything new or young, Outside of antique shops, calling anything antique means it's out-of-date and at least 100  years old.

Antique and vintage doorbell

Friday, September 20, 2019


Little Years Ago

" Ring Video Doorbell "  little years ago, it having high marks for its easy installation, excellent video quality, and motion detection, but was ring for its middling audio quality, lack of on-demand video, and low battery life.

Now A Days


With the new " Ring Video Doorbell ", Ring has addressed all of these gripes and added some handy features including 1080p video, custom motion zones, pre-buffering to capture what was going on before the motion sensor was triggered, support for Alexa voice commands, and interoperability with other smart devices via IFTTT.
All this learn it our determination for video doorbells.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Doorbell History

Doorbell History

William Murdoch, a Scottish inventor, installed a number of his own innovations in his house, built in Birmingham in 1817; one of these was a loud doorbell, that worked using a compressed air system.
 A forerunner to the electric doorbell, specifically a bell that could be rung at a distance via an electric wire, was design by Joseph Henry around 1831. By the early 1900, electric doorbells had become commonplace.

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